Lifesaving Sport

In 2012, members of “Greek Lifeguards” established the Hellenic Lifesaving Club (H.L.C.), the first Lifesaving Sport Club in Athens with its main objective to increase awareness and popularity for Lifesaving as a Competitive Sport. H.L.C. is affiliated with both Hellenic Swimming Federation (H.S.F) and Hellenic Federation for Underwater Activities, Sport Fishing and Fin Swimming (HFUA).

A training delegation of H.L.C. attended Lifesaving World Championships – Rescue in Montpellier/France and European Lifesaving Championships in Swansea/UK – in order to obtain the necessary knowledge and experience for participation in upcoming sport events and Championships.

Volunteer Team

The “Greek Lifeguards Volunteer Team” undertakes the Lifesaving coverage of events not otherwise covered by paying Professional Lifeguards, as well as the support of Information Campaigns across Greece on matters pertaining to Drowning Prevention, Lifesaving and First Aid.

More specifically our Volunteer Team has organized and participated in:

​ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018

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Contact us at Messenger
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