Coastal Areas & Pool Facilities

According to Greek Law, those who exploits Coast & Swimming Pool Facilities is obliged to hire Lifeguards & supply them with the necessary Lifeguard Equipment.

“Greek Lifeguards – School & Services” undertake Lifeguard Coverage in Coastal Areas & Pool Facilities throughout Greece by providing qualified staff and supplying them with all the necessary Rescue & Lifeguard Equipment. We release our client from administration burden by taking on staff management and employer contributions, alleviating them from additional workload and responsibilities.

We have the largest network of Certified & Experienced Lifeguards with Recognized Certification, excellent First Aid knowledge, Speedboat Operator License & Port Authority License in force. Our Rescue Team and graduates have been repeatedly awarded by Municipalities and Hotel Managers for their rescue operations throughout Greece.


Sport Events & Competitions

We undertake Lifeguard Coverage of water sports events & all kinds of swimming competitions as following:

​ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018

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Contact us at Messenger
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